.NET C#: Recycle current Application Pool programmatically (for IIS 6+)

12 02 2008

I’ve moved my blog to a self-hosted account.
So, you can see this post at http://www.logue.com.ar/blog/2008/02/find-and-recycle-current-application-pool-programmatically-for-iis-6.

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7 05 2008

Hola Leandro, curso al igual con vos en la UTN y queria saber si tenés conocimientos en MSSQL y PHP orientado a objetos. Ya que en la empresa que estoy trabajando andamos en busqueda de programadores de medio tiempo ( mañana o tarde, dependiendo en el horario que curses) Si te intereza, tenés mi mail.


8 07 2008

Can you be more specific about which libraries should be included for this code?

8 07 2008

Of course, the only “rare” one is System.DirectoryServices, available from Add Reference menu => .NET Assemblies.

I’ve updated this to work with WMI instead of DirectoryServices (because of problems with computers where DirectoryServices didn’t work correctly), the only problem is that only IIS 6+ expose to WMI (so XP IIS 5.1 won’t work).

I’ll try to post it ASAP.

10 09 2008

What rights/permissions IIS user should have to avoid the Access Denied exception on attempt to Call any-thing on the DirectoryEntry?

7 10 2008

Hi, (nos juntamos varios de la UTN parece)…

I have a related question, i have some class library, published with a WCF service application in IIS 6. This class library has some worker threads doing stuff.

How can i receive an event (or something like) when the AppPool of the WCF Service App is recycled to do save, restore, cleanup code…

Thanks che!

12 09 2014
18 11 2014


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